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We are supplier of Datalogic Sensors in India . We provides the widest range of photoelectric sensors for universal and applications specific purposes, such as colour, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.

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Model Description
Datalogic TLu-011 Color Mark Sensor
Datalogic TLu-015 Color Mark Sensor
Datalogic SR 21 IR Slot sensor
Datalogic SR31 Slot sensor
Datalogic S5-5-C35-30 M18 diffused photosensor : 350 mm 
Datalogic S5-5-C35-32 M18 diffused photosensor : 350 mm 
Datalogic S5-5-A4-30 M18 RRX photoensor : 4 meters
Datalogic S5-5-D15-30 M18 Fixed Focus sensor  : 15 mm
Datalogic S3-S-C10 Diffued Photosensor : 100 mm
Datalogic S3-S-E1 Amplifier 
Datalogic S3-S-A2,5 Retroreflex : 2.5 metres 
Datalogic S50-MA-5-W03-PP Contrast sensor 
Datalogic S50-MA-5-W03-NN Contrast sensor 
Datalogic S50-PA-2-C21-PP               M18 diffused photosensor : 400 mm 
Datalogic S50-PA-5-C21-PP M18 diffused photosensor : 400 mm 
Datalogic S50-PA-2-C21-NN M18 diffused photosensor : 350 mm 
Datalogic S50-PA-5-C21-NN M18 diffused photosensor : 350 mm 
Datalogic S50-PA-2-A00-PP M18 retroreflex  photosensor
Datalogic S50-PA-2-A00-NN M18 retroreflex  photosensor
Datalogic S50-PA-2-F01-PP M18  photosensor - receiver
Datalogic S50-PA-2-G00-XG M18  photosensor - emitter.
Datalogic S50-PA-2-E01-PP Amplifier - fiber optics
Datalogic S50-ML-5-C01-PP M18 laser diffued photosensor
Datalogic S10-MA-5-C01-NL M18 photosensor
Datalogic S18M-5-K-32 SV2106 M18 diffused photosensor ( NPN / PNP ) 100 mm
Datalogic OF 18 Fiber optic - 6 mm dia head ( diffused )
Datalogic OF 19 Fiber optic - 4 mm dia head ( through beam )
Datalogic S6-5-C200 Photosensor - 2 meters distance.
Datalogic S3Z-PR-5-C11-PL Miniature photosensor diffused 
Datalogic S3Z-PR-5-B01-PL Miniature photosensor retroreflex
Datalogic CD12M/0B-050A1 M12 Axial connector & cable 5 metres 
Datalogic CD12M/0B-050C1 M12 Radial connector & cable 5 meters
Datalogic CD08/0B-050A1 M8 axial connector & cable 3metres.
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